Stressed after a hard day at work or running around after the kids?

Aching muscles after a gym session, dance night or sports match?

Stiff neck and back after hours glued to a laptop or games console?

Or just generally in need of a little bit of ‘me time’ ?

Whatever your reason, massage is for you! 

All About Massage

Touch is the first sense developed in womb and is very powerful – in a positive way it can soothe, reassure, give pleasure, give strength, heal, …

Massage has been used across many civilisations for over 4000 years and has many forms and techniques.

Massage therapy has many benefits – it may help to relax and soften muscles, improve movement, increase blood flow to muscles and overall circulation, aid removal of toxins from the body, reduce blood pressure, release endorphins, and bring about a general feeling of wellbeing and wonderful relaxation.

All in all, massage is good for you.